2017 - Another Year of Shenanigans

2017 was interesting to say the least. There were a whole lot of ups, downs, lefts, rights and tons of learning, growing and priority shifts. Most of the year was spent in Big Bear, California working on our house and playing with our rescue dog Frankie. 2018 holds a lot already as we work towards our goal of living simply, spending more time with friends and family and getting back into creative projects. We wish you the best and have a wonderful year!

- Brett, Liz, Frankie and our daughter on the way!

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2016 - Keep on Keepin' On

I keep hearing that 2016 wasn't the best of years. I guess it's easy to see all the negativity and there are a lot of reasons to be frustrated. It was a tough year but a great year nonetheless. The constant in my life is change and there was plenty of that. We moved back to California and both started new jobs. The abbreviated version is that Liz and I always follow opportunity and those opportunities made sense. I'm eternally grateful for her ability to always be supportive throughout OUR journey.

We worked, we traveled, we ate, we adopted the best dog ever, and we even bought a house. I look around and I still see a lot of good in the world but it's tough sometimes to wonder where this world is headed. I won't give up because it's not an option. I'm fortunate to still be out there smiling and following my passions even with all the negative distractions. I hope you all have a great rest of the year and keep on keepin' on in 2017. Keep spreading the love, following those passions and giving back whenever you can. 

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Liz running in the new Nathan Vapor Howe along Highway 395 this year. I spent 6 months shooting in-house this for United Sports Brands which includes Nathan Sports and variety of other mainstream sport brands. 


Frankie and I hanging out in our backyard.

Liz pouring some tea out of the back of the van during our last couple months in Idaho. We LOVED living in Idaho! 


California, mountains, motorcycle.... A lot of positives happening. Shooting in collaboration with Iron and Resin

Liz (right) looking for birds of prey in Idaho while doing a project for Proof Eyewear.

Family photo with Frankie. Life is just better with a dog. 

2015 - Forests, Road Trips and Clients

2015 was a year of improvements in so many directions. I spent the first part of my year shooting a variety of creative projects in-house for Outdoor Research in Seattle. I had always wanted to live in Seattle for a while and it was a great experience. From there we ( Liz and I) hit the road for some fun and work. We spent a month traveling, shooting and putting on events for GORE-TEX in several Western States. It was great to have to be in certain places every week with the freedom to stop and see family and friends and enjoy the outdoors along the way. 

While on the road I signed up for another season with the Forest Service in Stanley, Idaho. I wanted to continue shooting my project on Wilderness Rangers and enjoy the quietness and solitude of the mountains. I met wonderful people and enjoyed many days in the outdoors either for work or play. 

After the end of the season I signed on to do more events with GORE-TEX which meant another month long road trip and more shooting. I even got to ride motorcycles in Baja again just like old times. It was a year full of new clients for me which include National Geographic, Outside, Alaska Airlines, BlueWater Ropes, San Juan Mountain GuidesIron & Resin and Proof Eyewear. I would like to thank Tandem Stills + Motion for all their hard work and Liz Stuart for her love and support. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

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The Olympic Peninsula: Soggy Solitude

20 miles of city traffic, a ferry ride across Puget Sound, and a quick jaunt across the Kitsap Peninsula had us crossing the Hood Canal Bridge and making our way onto the Olympic Peninsula.  Our mission:  Explore as much of the Northern Washington coast and Olympic National Park as we could in 72 hours.  The forecast predicted a 100% chance of rain for all 3 days, so when we got 45 minutes of sun and a few clear hours, we were feeling pretty stoked.  The diversity of the Olympic Peninsula is unrivaled.  From rugged coastline to temperate rainforest filled with shaggy, moss covered trees to raging rivers and glacial lakes to snow capped peaks, this place pretty much has it all.

Olympic 5.jpg
 Photo: Liz Stuart

Photo: Liz Stuart

Ouray, Colorado with Outdoor Research

It was a great trip to Ouray, Colorado with the Outdoor Research team last week. We couldn't have done it without Nate Disser of San Juan Mountain Guides. He put us onto all things good in this spectacular area of Colorado, all while letting us stay at his house. It was a jam-packed week of photography and video that usually ended with our tired bones sipping a much needed beer at the Ouray Brewery. I'm super pumped I was able to be a part of the trip, and I look forward to getting back to Ouray next year!

 Erica Engle and Christian Folk share some laughs outside the Ouray Brewing Company in Colorado. 

Erica Engle and Christian Folk share some laughs outside the Ouray Brewing Company in Colorado. 

Carabiner Coffee Company: Vagabond by the Cup

Erik Gordon and his coffee business; A classic combination of travel lifestyle and its most essential beverage. According to Gordon, "Coffee is our business and adventure is our passion." Originally from Minnesota by way of Colorado, Erik has been selling coffee out of his 1971 Volkswagen Bus in Seattle for about 7 months. He works when he wants to, finds odd jobs, plans out new experiences in different states and makes it happen simply. If you're in the Seattle area you can get your coffee and dirtbag fix in Ballard, South Lake Union and Green Lake. You can find Carabiner Coffee Company on facebook too. 


Tough Sell

Put Amanda Lajcaj in the desert and it just works. The desert is a tough sell to some people, but I dare you to wake up before the sun rises and stay out there until the sun sets and not be sold. Just think if you ran into Amanda while you were out there. You'd be like, "is this for real"?