The Farm: Where I Love to Be

Some of my most cherished memories in Michigan are when I was on the farm. I had filmed Hillis and Matt Stuart before but I wanted to film a little bit more in depth this time. Many of my days were spent coordinating with family members for nearly a month before it was finally time to film the corn harvest and a "typical" day's work. I can't thank the entire Stuart family enough for allowing me to film and feel welcome.

Timberlane Farms is a classic American farm that accomplishes it's daily work with none other than 88-year-old Hillis Stuart and his son Matt Stuart. I feel fortunate to be allowed full access to the farm during my filming. They were some of the nicest and down to earth people I have ever met.

Filming: I spent 8 hours filming with a DSLR HD camera and two lenses. It was a fun challenge to see how much content I could accomplish in one day while work was being done. It's important to note that I documented what I saw with little to no direction. I think these grassroots productions can tell great stories with limited resources, a lot of hard work, and copious amounts of trust.