Angela Van Wiemeersch: The Desert

Working with folks who pursue their dreams is pretty cool. It reminds me to stay on track with what's important in my own life. Angela Van Wiemeersch is one of those folks. She's pretty damn good at everything she does and is willing to work hard no matter what the situation is. She says what's on her mind, wants to make great photos and is absolutely hilarious. I can never pronounce her last name and she uses the word "stoked" way more passionately than me which is well deserved because she gets after it. "No Weak Shit" is one of her mottosHer "other life" involves adventure in the mountains and usually incorporates a shady plane ride and ice axes in some exotic location. Here's a few images I made with Angela outside of Las Vegas while she was working to fund her trip to Nepal. 

Angela Out of Gas.jpg
Moosejaw 10.jpg
Angela Running Red Rocks Nevada.jpg