Calm Down

The outdoor, action sport and adventure industries are going a little overboard with their marketing these days. It seems that unless it's a first ascent up a far away Himalayan peak that involves base jumping, slack lining and triple flips all at the same time then it's not worth celebrating or even talking about. I've tried to calm down and shoot what I would consider a well-balanced outdoor lifestyle. I CAN appreciate dedicating so much time and energy toward one facet of life but it lacks the overall fulfillment of balance. One of my new favorite things to search for and enjoy is natural hot springs. It's such a great feeling to sit back, take a load off and not worry about keeping up with traffic in the fast lane. 

 Elizabeth Stuart soaks in the hot springs along Highway 395 - California.

Elizabeth Stuart soaks in the hot springs along Highway 395 - California.

Here are a few things I've learned about balance over the years. 

1. There will always be people who are more experienced and have better opportunities than you. Don't worry about it.

2. Always go with your gut and shoot what you love even if it doesn't pay the bills. You won't be a photographer very long if you shoot for the wrong reasons. 

3. Don't try so hard all the time. There's a difference between being lazy and overworking yourself to the point that it consumes you. 

4. Travel and shoot with the people who make you the best you can be. They know what it's like to be on a trip that revolves around coming back with some type of solid documentation whether it's photography or video. They also know how to have fun while working hard. 

5. Teach others and share information because IT WILL come back around. It shows that you are comfortable with who you are professionally. 

6. Leave your camera at home every once and a while and participate in the activities you like to shoot. Not having to feel like you have to take pictures all day every day is a good thing.

7. HAVE FUN! The day this lifestyle stops becoming ear-to-ear grins is the day I do something else.