I'm Back: San Diego to Ocean Beach

Over the years I've learned that life is always changing and evolving. It's been an interesting ride to say the least and there were so many internal and external factors contributing to settling into a "final" location. It took a while but after spending some time prioritizing my wants and needs, I ended up in a very familiar location. I just relocated back to San Diego a block and a half from the ocean in my favorite beach town community, Ocean Beach. I lived in "OB" many years ago and I'm super excited to be back. From the farmer's market, to South Beach fish tacos, to Sunset Cliffs, it really does offer up everything that makes me happy. There are a few other life details that need to be sorted out but the lease is signed with the Pacific Ocean providing the photographic backdrop. It makes me smile to see the ocean when I walk out my door every day. I'm looking forward to bumping into old friends and meeting new friends, all while documenting the local beach culture.

Here are a few reasons why I came back to San Diego after spending almost two years in 15 other states and numerous cities. All I can say is that when you want what I want, America's Finest City is exactly that. A wise friend once told me you can pick where you live or you can pick what you do for a living, but you rarely get both. I'm currently working on both!

 Torrey Pines Gliderport

Torrey Pines Gliderport

1. Weather - I prefer a mild, sunny climate and I'm always willing to drive to the cold and suffer in the mountains for weeks if I'm feeling the need for that kind of adventure. I prefer my day-to-day life to be in a world-class climate.

2. Baja - Baja California offers my most memorable travel moments to date. It's also my favorite place to travel with my friends. The Mexico border is 15 minutes away from San Diego. 

3. Family & friends - I love my family and friends. Between short flights and fun road trips I can see everyone that falls into this category. It's pretty self explanatory. 

4. Access to the outdoors - I need a place that can offer up fantastic outdoor locations for photography and recreation. I need easy access to mountains, forests, deserts and the ocean. I can leave the beach and be in the mountains in less than an hour. 

 Ocean Beach Pier

Ocean Beach Pier

5. An airport -  It may not be something I use all the time but easy access to an airport is always a huge bonus. The San Diego airport is pretty darn mellow and I like that. 

6. Cost of living -  I learned years ago that living anywhere on the West Coast is expensive. Cost of living is "about" the same from Seattle to San Diego.

7. The ocean - There's something about having access to the ocean that makes life better. If you live by the ocean you will understand what I'm talking about. 

8. Work - Opportunity for work is crucial and I like to be able to pursue multiple angles for jobs. My experience is that I can always make it work but I have to really want to make it work in a particular location. 

9. Motorcycles - Any place I move to has to have fantastic opportunity for riding my motorcycle off road. I can camp for free and ride my motorcycle on miles of trail systems within San Diego county. 

10. Melting pot - I need to be surrounded by a wide variety of musicians, artists, athletes and people who are pursuing their own dreams. San Diego houses all of those types of people.

11. Mass appeal - As a photographer it's nice to have your backyard have national and worldly appeal. Whenever you tell someone you're from San Diego they always have a smile on their face. 

 San Diego Harbor

San Diego Harbor