New Video! Another Day on the Road: Part 2

Part 2 of Another Day on the Road is a reminder of how to balance shooting and producing a video project while still maintaining the priority of fun and enjoyment. The purpose of making these videos is to strike a balance between being a photographer/videographer, a traveler and a participant on the road. Because when you're filming, you're not helping set up the tent, make dinner, build the fire, organize the car, or engaging in the actual sports because your job is to film them. I try to play both sides when I travel. I'd rather be a part of everything than just a guy behind the camera. 

Elizabeth Stuart and I spent a week traveling from Northern California to Central California and this was filmed on Highway 395 during a couple of those days. We didn't film a lot of our trip because we were out enjoying ourselves without the camera.

Please click on HD for better quality. Enjoy!