Do It While You Can

After helping my dad scan and edit some of the old photos of him and my mom before they had kids, the conversation quickly turned to "do it while you can." My parents would describe themselves as "hipsters" and they look back fondly on those photographs of a lifestyle of free spirits, healthy young bodies and total freedom.  "What happened to us?" they say jokingly. The present is all that is guaranteed and that is why I will always take full advantage of NOW. 

Do it while you can means a lot. It means do it while you have the time and freedom. Do it while you're young and healthy. Do it while you still have the desire. Do it because you've always wanted to. Do it because you can. 

Here are few photographs of my parents doing just that. 

Dad 2.jpg
Dad 1.jpg
Mom 1.jpg
Mom and Dad.jpg
Mom 2.jpg
mom and dad 2.jpg