Idaho and Beyond

It's been a while to say the least! I've been living in Stanley, Idaho and working for the United States Forest Service since June 15th. It's been a busy summer shooting photos and video, and I promise I will update my site with recent imagery when the time allows. Internet is only available at the Stanley library and I really wanted to spend my time here in the outdoors shooting what I love.

In other news I just completed my Leave No Trace trainer course and am happy to help teach outdoor ethics and principles to help reduce our impact in the world around us. Also, I will be documenting the life of Wilderness Ranger, Katy Nelson in the heart of the Sawtooth Wilderness during her upcoming 5-day hitch. The following week I will be joining the fine folks at Moosejaw for the upcoming catalog shoot in Red Rocks, Nevada before returning to Idaho for another month. From there I will be joining the wonderful Liz Stuart in Seattle, Washington.

Be well, tread lightly, leave no trace and smile a ton!