Larger scale productions require more people and more coordination. My production experience started out while working in the remote backcountry for an ESPN reality survival series. I know what it's like to work 18-hour days on location for weeks on end with helicopters and airplanes overhead. Clearly defined roles, proper planning, well organized logistics and fantastic talent can create a visual marketing strategy that far exceeds the limitations of "Lone Ranger" productions. Most recently I've planned, coordinated and produced multi-sport photo shoots for outdoor retailer Moosejaw Mountaineering and Outdoor Research. I've performed nearly every job on television and photography productions and I've been fortunate to combine those skills and experiences for a variety of clients. Please contact me and I will source my vast network of producers, location scouts, photographers, videographers, writers, musicians, editors, models, athletes and assistants.


Managing product and talent requires a lot of preparation. I have in-house corporate experience coordinating products for 250+ brands for studio photography, location photography, video shoots, vendor sample programs and events. I've also been responsible for hiring, sizing, and styling all models based on seasonality, activities performed and marketing concept. I take great pride in seeing projects to completion and working between marketing, buying and photography departments. Please contact me for more details.


Great locations make great pictures whether it's still photography or video. I've spent considerable time scouting locations throughout the American West. World-class photographers like Corey Rich of Corey Rich Productions have hired me to scout locations for their large scale corporate shoots. Please contact me for details on how location scouting can improve the quality of your visual content.